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Next Level Project Management

Wish you could have input when you hire a team to create custom business applications? With our Agile project management process, you can. Customer feedback is central to the Agile product development process, so you’ll end up with an application that meets your every need. It’s no wonder that Agile-created products better meet their customers’ needs – now and in the future.


What Is Agile Product Management?

Agile project management is a product development approach that incorporates customer feedback in an iterative process. As your project progresses, we incorporate your feedback into each change, making the final result the perfect solution to your needs.

Here’s how it works: First, our highly trained development teams conduct a business analysis, including requirement gathering. Then, they create various versions (iterations) of your product, using your feedback to tweak it until they get it just right. Why settle when you can have perfection? Discover what Agile project management can do for you today!

Our Agile Project Management Tools

There are a wealth of Agile product development tools on the market today. But we select only the most efficient tools for our customers’ products – the ones that best optimize the Agile development product cycle.


Jira is one of those standout tools. Not only is it the most popular Agile development tool. It earned its popularity with its incredible range of features. It’s easy to configure, and it’s versatile enough to handle practically all types of processes. With its smooth workflows and the broad range of issues it can untangle, we can save you time and money for every product we develop for you.

Microsoft DevOps

To supplement our Agile software development process, we combine our Agile framework with the DevOps methodology. Although Microsoft DevOps isn’t technically an Agile tool, we’ve found that it’s the perfect complement to our Agile process.

DevOps promotes collaboration among teams, automating continuous integration and deployment, while our Agile process allows us to adapt quickly to any change in the requirements. Bottom line – it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to product development.

Our Agile and DevOps Services

We provide you with a comprehensive range of product development services, making us your one-stop-shop for software, app, and web development services. Our expert teams have a proven record of success in development. Our next success could be your success.

If you need a digital solution to your most pressing business challenges, our Agile and DevOps teams can help. Get in touch with the Initialize Digital team today.


In an Agile methodology, business analysis is the foundation of project management. Before beginning to develop your project, a business analyst works with you to see what business problems you need to solve with your product. Then, during the process, the business analyst focuses the development team on meeting those challenges. That’s why we start every project with a thorough analysis of your every need.

Our experienced business analysts support the product owner on each team, researching challenges and discovering new options to drive decisions and facilitate your product’s evolution. Providing accountability and ensuring that everyone on the team aligns with your product’s business objectives, our analysts ensure that our solutions meet your every need.

With Agile project management, we take your needs and feedback into consideration during the project development process, adapting your product to achieve your business goals. Putting Agile project management to work for your business will increase your productivity, decrease your time-to-market, and reduce product defects.

The secret to its success lies in its iterative approach across your product’s life cycle. At each incremental step, our project management team adjusts your project to better align with your business goals. And, instead of waiting until the end, we can provide you with benefits at every step along the path. It’s the most efficient way to give you the digital product of your dreams.

Learn what Agile project management can do for your business!

Our DevOps team brings your applications or other products to market at light speed. Not only do they develop and test your product, but they also deploy it, keeping a close eye on its operation and ensuring continuous improvement from idea to everyday operations.

With the support of Microsoft’s powerful Azure DevOps, we eliminate departmental silos between our development and operations teams. Collaboration becomes the norm across your product’s lifecycle, giving your product the benefit of expertise from both those who innovate and those who make it work. Automating processes when possible, our teams partner together to create the perfect fit for your needs.

Starting from the earliest stages of the product development process, we focus on finding the best way to meet your needs. Then, we look for ways to make the development process better, optimizing at every point. The result: a better product that gets to market faster, positioning your company as a leader in its field.

That process can continue as your business’s needs change, and your production scales up. Our Agile process optimization ensures that your product adapts to your changing needs and production levels. It’s all about continuous improvement, upgrading your solution with an optimized process that levels up with every iteration. Using a combination of Agile and DevOps methodologies, we automate where we can, collaborate across teams, and utilize new information to inform production in a lean, more effective process.